The Alternate Routes releasing new album “Nothing More” through Pledge Music

Music News | Jul 1st, 2014

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The Alternate Routes have been busy the last four years working on their next album and it’s finally going to be released! The folk rock band from CT announced today that they will be releasing their new album exclusively via Pledge Music campaign. So that means you won’t be able to get this album except at Pledge Music. No merch tables, no websites and no iTunes!

The band’s new album Nothing More will feature their hit song, Nothing More, twice (one version with Ingrid Michaelson and the original with Lily Costner). Plus it will have a bunch of songs you might have heard them play live in the past year. If you pledge now, you instantly get 3 digital songs and then when they reach their goal of 100%, you get the rest of the songs. There’s a bunch of things to pick from but definitely pick something! This band is the nicest guys in the music industry and definitely deserve all our support!

In January, we went into the studio to record our fourth album Nothing More with our good friend and fellow Bridgeport native Peter Katis (The National, Swell Season, Interpol). Even though the recording started in January, we have been working on this album for the past four years. Writing, demoing, re-writing, performing, re-writing, and growing these songs. We’ve also spent a few thousand hours in Tim’s basement, the van, in big theaters full of people, in big theaters with no people, in loud bars, and sitting in complete silence. The result is 11 tracks that we are incredibly proud of, and can not wait to share with you.

Pledge here!

Here’s a video montage of old footage I edited together using the Alternate Routes’ song “Nothing More.”


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