The Rifles’ bassist and drummer leave band

Music News | Oct 18th, 2010

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The UK rock band The Rifles have experienced some lineup changes this week. In the midst of recording their followup to the awesome The Great Escape, Rob Pyne (bass guitar, vocals), and Grant Marsh (drums, percussion) have decided to leave the band. Seems like a mutual thing to me, and Joel and Lucas will still continue on with the Rifles. As long as the core group of the band is together and they are still recording music, I’ll be happy! Read the statement from Rob & the band below!

There have been a few naughty rumours flying around regarding the band lately and people seem to be becoming highly irrational so lets set things straight! A few things were done and said recently on our Facebook page that maybe shouldn’t have been and lets say we’ve learnt our lesson about unleashing the power of the internet but the truth is that after all meeting up together earlier this week it was decided that the best thing for The Rifles would be for me and Grant to leave the band. This has nothing to do with any bad blood or feelings between us but financially it just wasn’t going to work out and it came down to doing what is best for the band rather than putting any personal ambitions first but don’t fret as it isn’t the end of The Rifles by a long way as Joel and Luke will continue on with all the tour dates and forthcoming album as planned, though things will be slightly different in the rhythm department! Me and Grant would like to thank everyone who has support us along the way and its not as if we aren’t going to be at any Rifles gig so you can buy us some leaving beers! We had an amazing time and i’m sure there are more to come for us and the band, to whom we wish all the best. I hope this clears everything up and we can all move on, it also means you can stop asking me and Grant for guest list/ c.d’s, so piss off and buy your own! ;-)

Rob and The Rifles. x x
[The Rifles]


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