Welcome to the NEW ReadJunk.com!

Site News | Apr 11th, 2012

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Welcome to the NEW ReadJunk.com! I hope everyone likes it, I know I do. I also know I was beyond sick of looking at the old design so it was definitely time for a new look. What better way to celebrate the anniversary of ReadJunk.com and SkaPunkOtherJunk.com with a new design! Read below to find out what changed:

So what changed? Well…

– New color scheme..Oooo Blues.

– Dropdown menus for the navigation. Now you can find articles a little easier than before.

– Images are smaller on the homepage and search/category pages but stay the same on the actual posts

– We’re using Disqus comment system. It has our older comments but now you can login using your Facebook account or something else. It’s easier to maintain as well.

– If you do have a login with us, that link is located at the bottom under “Site Stuff”

– Cd Reviews were switched to Album Reviews. As much as I like CDs, things are changing and we don’t just review CDs. Mp3s as well, but we still hate vinyl!

– Sidebar is updated slightly with some thumbnails instead of just boring text links. I still might update the recent comments section to something else but for now I’ll stick with that.

– No Archives page still. Can’t find a decent plugin that does what I want. No forum still either. Not enough interest to bring back a forum honestly.

– If you want to follow us on other sites, those icons are located at the top of the page in the nav. So be sure to like, follow, pin us(?) and reblog us on tumblr and other sites.

Well that’s it for now. We still have some broken images on the site so I’ll get to those over time. If you have any other suggestions, complaints, sound off in the comments section!