ReadJunk Podcast – Artist Ryan (Honorary Android)

Featured, Podcasts | Dec 17th, 2019

ReadJunk Podcast – Artist Ryan (Honorary Android)

Episode 48 of the ReadJunk Podcast is with artist Ryan (Honorary Android), who has designed some really cool ska/punk, Disney/theme park mash up shirts. We discuss how Ryan got into shirt designing, Teepublic, and just designing in general. The conversation soon steers into a ska and punk conversation. We talk about what were some of Ryan’s favorite albums of the year and what shows he’s attended. 

Since Ryan is a Florida resident and frequent Walt Disney World visitor, I talk with Ryan about Disney World, Galaxy’s Edge and the new hit Star Wars attraction Rise of the Resistance…without giving away too much. We discuss the upcoming rides and attractions that are coming to WDW and finally, we end things talking a little bit about The Mandalorian, Disney Plus and some other TV shows. 

You can check out Ryan’s stuff at Teepublic or on Instagram.

The transition track done is by Silent Partner and it’s called “Just In Case.” I got the track on YouTube Audio Library. If you want to write a theme song for the podcast or send over some original transition music that’s fitting for the podcast, let me know! 

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If you feel the need to jump around for this episode:

Intro/ Art / Shirt Talk: 00:02:31

Ska/Punk Discussion: 00:27:14

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge “Rise Of The Resistance” Attraction Recap (No Spoilers or not many): 00:39:23

Disney Theme Parks: 00:47:00

Disney Plus & Other TV Stuff: 01:10:18



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