ReadJunk Podcast: Episode 08 (Roger Apollon, Jr.)

Podcasts | Jun 29th, 2018

ReadJunk Podcast: (Roger Apollon, Jr.)

My first guest on the ReadJunk Podcast is Roger Apollon, Jr. of Rude Boy George, Bigger Thomas, and Heavensbee. We had a great chat after having some food in Jersey City. We talked about Rude Boy George’s new album and the band, Bigger Thomas, Supernova Ska Fest, the ska scene, a little bit about The World Cup, and Roger’s new venture, Four City Brewing Company.

At two parts in the conversation, my damn phone rang twice (robocalls of course), but I left those parts in because it was funny I thought. At the end of the episode, I have Roger play a quick game of Goldblum Trivia. Find out and see how Roger did on trivia and have a listen below.

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