ReadJunk Podcast – Marc Wasserman (Rude Boy George, Heavensbee, Bigger Thomas)

Featured, Podcasts | Jun 22nd, 2020

ReadJunk Podcast - Marc Wasserman

Episode 56 of the ReadJunk Podcast is with Marc Wasserman of Rude Boy George, Heavensbee, Bigger Thomas and the author of the upcoming book: Ska Boom: An Oral History About the Birth of American Ska & Reggae. I’m joined by co-founder of ReadJunk, Adam Coozer, who also is RBG’s merch guy. We talk about pandemic life, Heavensbee’s new album, Rude Boy George’s new EP, 80s music, picking the songs to record, Morrissey / The Smith discussion, a discussion about Sonseed’s “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine,” Marc’s awesome sounding upcoming ska oral history book, Scars from Mars and we finish things up talking movies & TV. 

The transition track is done by Heavensbee and it’s called “Baby Sister” featuring Rob Tierney. You can purchase the new album at their bandcamp. Yes, we got permission to use this song. You can also buy Rude Boy George’s new EP Lies & Alibis here.

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