Adjusters – “Otis Redding Will Save America”

Album Reviews | By on Jan 18th, 2009

Record Label: Grover Records
Genre: Ska
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This album had all the rudeboys up in arms. Since the Adjusters put out the best third wave soul-ska album EVER (“Before the Revolution”), and because of this album’s title, everyone was hoping for a similar-sounding follow-up.

Well, the Adjusters came back with an off-the-hizzy record packed with old school hip hop, trip hop, funk, and drum n’ bass, all to the backbeat of ska and soul, and the straight-laced ska kids just couldn’t deal with the menagerie of urban grooves.

Let me tell you, this album is absolutely brilliant. The for-the-people socialist messages are stronger than ever and performed in rhymes that would make Public Enemy blush (“If You”, “When Things Fall”), and in weird, urban twists on 60s psychedelia (“Gun”, “Master Blaster”, and a new version of “Loose Roots”). Plus a crazy reworking of “The Fight Back”, and the hip hoppiest ska instrumentals “WTF Ska” and “Mumia in Tibet”.

WTF Ska is a great name, and leading off the disc, it should’ve been a sign that the Adjusters are going to do crazy shit to ska, and you either get it or you don’t.

Bottom Line: Ska is never this original and COOL.
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