Authority Zero “Rhythm & Booze”

Album Reviews | Feb 2nd, 2005

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Record Label: Suburban Noize Records
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Rhythm & Booze was released back in the winter time (I believe) and it was only available through selected websites and at Authority Zero shows. This Authority Zero album doesn’t have new material on it but it’s a live acoustic set recorded at The Bash in Tempe Arizona around August 2005. You aren’t going to get the same old Authority Zero album you got the last 2 times but you’re going to get something different. The band re-worked 15 songs they recorded on their past 2 albums and turned them into rock, dub, ska acoustic songs.

The first song they play is “A Passage In Time” and it sounds great as an acoustic song. “Retreat” is played next and it’s one of my favorite AZ songs so it was weird hearing it being played that way. Hearing this album makes me want to hear some new songs really bad and hope the new album is released soon. In the liner notes, it was supposed to be released in the summer of 2006…well it’s thats time and it’s not out yet! “Find Your Way” is another song I love off their “Andiamo” album but now it sounds like a surfer campfire song. Not sure I like it that way. “One More Minute” is the song that got me into Authority Zero and glad to see it represented here. I believe that song sounds the best in this acoustic, reggae style that the band played at this show. AZ don’t strike me as a band covering Irish traditional songs like “Paddy on the Railway” but my god, do they do a great version of it. Jason’s vocals really fit the song well because he can sing super-ass fast. “Over Seasons,” “PCH 82” and “Broken Dreams” finish the album off. I thought the album was pretty cool, I didn’t like every song but I give props to the band for trying something different. This album is for the fans of Authority Zero, because I don’t think non-fans will dig this that much. But if you are willing to listen to it, then go for it but I’d check out “Andiamo” and “A Passage in Time” first.

Bottom Line: If you want to hear a different side of the band, then check this live acoustic album out.
Notable Tracks: A Passage In Time, Retreat, One More Minute, Paddy on the Railway, Over Seasons
Overall Rating: