Authority Zero – “Stories of Survival”

Album Reviews | Jun 25th, 2010

Authority Zero Stories of Survival CD Review

Record Label: Viking Funeral/Suburban Noize Records
Genre: Punk Rock
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The fourth studio album “Stories of Survival” of Authority Zero proves one thing, that the band hasn’t released a bad album yet! “Stories of Survival” is on Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise and Ken Seaton of Hardline Entertainment and Suburban Noize Records’ new label Viking Funeral. Authority Zero have to be somewhat special to be the first band on the new label. At least I’d feel good about that. Going from label to label hasn’t stopped this Arizona punk band before though. As long as the fans want new stuff, Authority Zero will find a way to release it! If punk rock and ska is your thing, you’ll dig this new album from AZ!

For those that don’t really know of Authority Zero, I strongly recommend listening to this band. Just think of all the awesome punk rock from California, and mix in some reggae and ska and you have Authority Zero. Frontman Jason DeVore is perhaps one of the most impressive singers in punk rock today. The way he shouts and sings so fast for certain songs still baffles me. He can sing slow, sing very fast, sing loud; the guy has the range for many styles.

The intro to the album is a famous Winston Churchill speech, and it’s just bad-ass and fits the overall album very well. After the intro, “The New Pollution” kicks in and is a standout track. Just fast, in your face punk rock. Actually, the first half of the album is in your face punk rock and the second half is more towards a ska and reggae sound. The band have always had a ska/punk, reggae sound as well as the punk rock, which is one reason why I love this band. I’m happy to see that they have stuck to a sound that works for them, and haven’t budged over all these years. The only thing the years have done musically for the band is only make them better and more fine-tuned. But they have stuck with the same sound over the years and I’m happy for that.

Two notable songs on the album is “Get It Right” and “Big Bad World.” “Get It Right” seems like it would be on the radio (well the good radio) and I would be right since it has been getting extensive airplay on Sirius XM’s Faction. “Big Bad World” is an awesome reggae rock song and is about the hardships of working in this shitty economy. “Damn the Man!” The tail end of the album has just as many good songs as it did in the beginning.

The band has come a long way since their first single “One More Minute.” They continue to impress me with their music and it’s a gym staple for me. If you want to get pumped up, I’d recommend “Stories of Survival” or my favorite AZ album “Andiamo.” “Andiamo” will always be my favorite Authority Zero album, but “Stories of Survival” isn’t too far behind!

Bottom Line: Authority Zero’s new album will kick your ass!
Notable Tracks: The New Pollution, Brick in the Wave, Get It Right, Big Bad World, Liberateeducation, Movement
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