Balance and Composure – “The Things We Think We’re Missing”

Album Reviews | Sep 17th, 2013

Record Label: No Sleep Records
Genre: Rock
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“The Things We Think We’re Missing” is the sophomore effort from this Doylestown, PA five-piece rock group. They’ve been compared to bands like Brand New and Jimmy Eat World. Those are some big shoes to fill to say the least.

While I can definitely see the comparisons to both Jimmy Eat World and Brand New, I see more of a musical influence with those bands in Balance and Composure than I see a band that is trying to mimic one particular sound. Balance and Composure definitely have a turn of the century sound on some of their songs, but most of their sound is steeped in modern mainstream rock.

There’s a lot to like on “The Things We Think We’re Missing”…from the vocals which at times seem haunting and eerie to the strong driving sound of the full band at work and if you stop to listen to the lyrics you’ll discover some powerful songwriting.

Even though there are some really good aspects throughout this album, overall I found that quite a few of the songs were drawn out and not that interesting. I just didn’t find that song that grips you and doesn’t let go. Most good albums have a few of those songs, most great albums are made up entirely of those types of songs…that song, for me, was missing.

Overall, “The Things We Think We’re Missing” was good for a listen or two, but after that I can see it disappearing into digital sonic limbo. It’s not great, it’s not horrible, it’s just average.

Bottom Line: A modern rock album that, while keeping things strong for a while, fizzles out quickly. Lacks song/songs that grip you by the heart, soul, balls, etc.
Notable Tracks: Back Of Your Head, Tiny Raindrops
Overall Rating:


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