Balance And Composure / Tigers Jaw – “Split”

Album Reviews | Mar 9th, 2011

Record Label: No Sleep Records
Genre: Emo
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Four songs each by two Pennsylvania-based emo bands. Balance And Composure is simply awful. Their four songs are, at their core, terrible, but are additionally obfuscated by layers of production, heavy bass, and distortion. Each song is like a piece of shit carefully molded and encased in mud.

Tigers Jaw is better, but that’s like saying cat shit is better than dog shit. Tigers Jaw is marginally more melodic and the song lengths are more manageable. The songs and over-the-top production are still terrible, but you get the sense that they are at least they’re trying to make good music. Anyway, this shit is total garbage. Holy shit.

Bottom Line: Pennsylvania should go back to doing what they do best: pretzels and racism.
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