Bandar-Log – “AK-747”

Album Reviews | May 31st, 2010

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Indie
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First off, love the band’s name, a Jungle Book reference. Who doesn’t love monkeys?

Their style monkeys around too– they play off-kilter alternative rock that avoids sounding hokey or dated. The closest comparison I could make is CAKE, particularly, their slightly syncopated beat and the vocalist’s understated sprechgesang style. But most appealing to me is their guitar sound, which has this great pinbally, jangly quality – it reminds me of when chiptune bands emulate 8-bit stuff with live instruments.

I also like that The Bandar-Log doesn’t seem to try to be hip or ironic. In fact, they’re probably trying to be a funk-rock band and, failing that, unintentionally become a quirky indie-pop band. But it’s that lack of pretension that makes this work as well as it does. Kudos, monkey men.

Bottom Line: Won’t knock your socks off, but pleasantly off-kilter and poppy.
Notable Tracks: Evolution Wind, Crows Called Liars
Overall Rating:


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