Blatz / Filth – Shit Split

Album Reviews | By on Jun 6th, 2009

Record Label:
Alternative Tentacles
Genre: Punk
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Listening to this split again after all these years is neat. Filth is still as  crusty and guttural (and, frankly, meatheaded) as I remembered, but Blatz is actually more interesting than I experienced the first time around.

Most early 90s gutter punk and skate punk bands worsen in retrospect over time (and as the listener matures), but Blatz took simple-minded belligerence and added a smart noisiness with a clashing male/female interplay that the Selby Tigers owe a lot to.

This split has been available through Lookout! for awhile, but it looks like Alternative Tentacles picked it up for posterity before Lookout! vanishes completely. This repackage separates the bands onto two CDs, and includes everything else each has released, including obscure 7”s and comp tracks. The CDs also have about 30 minutes each of unreleased live and demo stuff.

Bottom Line: Bonus-filled reissue of early 90s Bay Area bands worth a revisit.
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