Daft Punk – “Tron: Legacy”

Album Reviews | Dec 12th, 2010

Record Label: Walt Disney Records
Genre: Film Score
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One of the most anticipated soundtracks has finally been released! Daft Punk’s score for the sequel to Tron is everything I hoped it to be and then some! I’m not sure Daft Punk fans will absolutely love this but I’m sure film score fans will.

I wouldn’t call myself a giant fan of electronica and trance music; I don’t mind the stuff that isn’t so repetitive. Daft Punk have a lot of tracks like that but there are some songs from them I enjoy. I was curious to see how they would approach this film score but I think they succeeded. They took what Walter..err I mean Wendy Carlos established with the original Tron score and branched out into their own style. An updated version if you will. I love that it’s not just them and a bunch of computers and they actually used a 100 piece orchestra. Using the orchestra adds so much more to the music and makes it richer and adds depth. Some of the tracks that really stand out are ones that you KNOW Daft Punk composed. Songs like “Derezzed,” “End Of Line” and “End Titles.” Those tracks just scream cool to me. I’m hoping there’s a lot of B-sides or songs like those that didn’t make it to the final movie that we could hear as well. I’m sure there will be.

What I like about Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy score is that the tracks aren’t repetitive and annoying like some electronica/trance/techno music can be. There are bleeps and bloops in some of the tracks, but it’s not overly annoying. You have to take into account that this music is meant to be heard within the digital world of Tron Legacy. I’m sure some hipster losers will complain that this isn’t Daft Punk but I think the duo created something fantastic and maybe they will open minds of others that might not have heard their music before? I really hope they continue to make film scores because they have what it takes to do it.

Bottom Line: One of my favorite film scores this year!
Notable Tracks: The Son of Flynn, Recognizer, Rinzler, End Of Line, Derezzed, End Titles
Overall Rating:


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