Dane Cook “Retaliation”

Album Reviews | Aug 3rd, 2005

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Record Label: Comedy Central
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Crazy, Physical comedian Dane Cook is back with another great comedy record after his successful “Harmful if Swallowed.” ‘Retaliation,” is double the
length of his previous album with 3 discs, two of which are separate routines. The 3rd disc is hilarious as well, featuring Dane’s Shorties Watchin’ Shorties, Crank Yankers, Unedited Comedy Central Roast of Denis Leary, Unedited Comedy Central Bar Mitzvah Bash, and a Tourgasm Teaser for the new documentary coming out soon.

The first disc had me crying laughing. Why not have the first listen at work? It’s where everyone can look at you as you giggle your ass off. I had tears streaming down my face. They either thought I was really friggin psychotic or a big wimp. Maybe both. Who Knows? It’s tough to explain the bits of Dane’s but it’s very physical and theatrical, which can still be funny on CD. He covers topics such as Love, Superpowers, Fighting with people in fast food joints, Heist Fantasy and Legacies. You can’t go wrong with his act, which makes it a must-see throughout the country. If you missed his tourgasm concert tour, then check it out on DVD coming out in the fall. The preview on the DVD had me roped in. It features several comedians on tour in a bus, going from college to college. Plus all the comedians do shit in between all the shows, which will make it great to see. “Retaliation,” is one of the best comedy records to come out in some time!

Bottom Line: Fucking hilarious record from one of the best comedians around today. Check this out, or see Dane Cook live. You will not be disappointed.
Notable Tracks: Legacy, Friend Nobody Likes, Itchy Asshole, Someone Shit on the Coats, Driveway Intruder, Punkass/Are You Out of Your F#+In’ Mind?!, The Nothing Fight
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