Danny Elfman – “Taking Woodstock”

Album Reviews | Mar 19th, 2010

Record Label: La-La-Land Records
Genre: Film Score
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Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock movie has come and gone in theaters, and it’s also been out on DVD for awhile now. Shows how far behind I’m at with CD reviewing. Obviously, the movie is about Woodstock and the people (Elliot Tiber, Max Yasgur) behind it.

This is a different type of Danny Elfman score. Don’t expect some spooky Tim Burton style score for this movie. This score contains lots of acoustic guitars, groovy jams and bitchin’ organ playing. I’m sure it fits with the movie quite well. I really enjoyed the acoustic guitar tracks. The tracks aren’t that long which shows me that the score probably wasn’t used all that much. It’s a no brainer that this type of movie would actually use music from the time period, ya know 60s music. But with that said, this score is a little bit disappointing because the tracks aren’t long, and just seems like filler music. I was hoping for something better.

Bottom Line: could have been better
Notable Tracks: a Happening, Acid Trip, Perspective Extended
Overall Rating:


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