Dirty Dead – “Carnivorous Lunar Activities”

Album Reviews | By on Apr 9th, 2009

Record Label: Nothing But A Nightmare
Genre: Misfits Punk
Band Link: link

When I put Dirty Dead’s album on, I thought I was listening to a Metallica cover band. The intro sounded like something they would do. But then I realize by the next track they were fans of Misfits…maybe just a little too much perhaps? Dirty Dead is considered a “Horror Punk” band but they should really just be classified as a Misfits punk band. Because in a sense, that’s what they are.

The singer sounds like Glenn Danzig, and even has his “whoas” and growls that he does. The song titles are things like “Night of Terror,” “Meet me at the Morgue” and other spooky terminology. I just can’t take this band seriously. Do they realize how much they are trying to sound like the Misfits? At least Plan 9 admitted to being a Misfits band, and was a cover band of the Misfits. Why not just call Dirty Dead a Misfits tribute band as well and dress up like the band too? The music isn’t bad, I just can’t get pass the fact they are trying too hard to be the Misfits.

Bottom Line: If there is one Misfits punk band out there to listen to, I’d go with Plan 9.
Notable Tracks: Beyond Hatred, From The Grave
Overall Rating:


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