Fisherking – “Forget It”

Album Reviews | Dec 12th, 2010

Record Label: Bermuda Mohawk Production
Genre: Punk Rock
Band Link:

Fisherking sound straight out of the 80s! No, not like Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran and Wham. I’m talking about 80s punk & hardcore music; bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, and other old school sounding punk/hardcore bands. Fisherking even sounds a little bit like old AFI; ya know, before they started being on the radio and worrying about their makeup & clothing.

“Forget It EP” is only 6 tracks but I wish it was longer. I always seem to say that about EPs. It’s hard reviewing them because you can never judge a band just based on a few songs. Well sometimes I can, especially for the shitty ones. Thankfully, Fisherking isn’t one of those bands. They combine everything that was great about 80s hardcore and make it fresh in the present. Fast songs with nasally vocals, making you want to do a circle pit or stage dive. You can listen to songs on their MySpace and get an idea of what I’ve been talking about! There’s not much else to say so just check this band out!

Bottom Line: Great hardcore/punk that sounds straight out of the 80s
Notable Tracks: Searching For Something New, Right Is Wrong, Forget It
Overall Rating:


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