Tim Horn Prayer – “Get Busy Dying”

Album Reviews | Sep 6th, 2011

Record Label: Bermuda-Mohawk Production
Genre: Rock/Honkytonk/Bluegrass
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Tin Horn Player mash up rock and American folk well, mixing gruff, whiskey-soaked bar rock with bluegrass and honkytonk. It’s not unlike the Irish punk sound – just replace Celtic folk with Appalachian banjo/mandolin and a twist of ragtime.

Tin Horn Player aren’t too punky or raucous (I’m a fan of punk-skiffle-saloon band Throw Rag), and are sometimes downright ballady, but they have a gritty spirit that should appeal to Irish punk fans.

Bottom Line: The Kentucky bourbon to Irish whiskey.
Notable Tracks: Crime Scene Cleanup Team, Louis Collins, 1939
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