Isotopes – “Nuclear Strikezone”

Album Reviews | Jun 15th, 2015

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Pop Punk/Baseball Punk
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The Isotopes, who are also sometimes known as the Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club, are a pop punk band hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. They also describe their sound as something that I have honestly never heard before…baseball punk. Obviously they have a thing for punk rock, baseball and creating kick ass songs.

When I first heard the vocals kick in, I had to double check to make sure that I wasn’t listening to the Dickies. That’s definitely the best comparison that I could come up with on such short notice. By no means are the Isotopes a carbon copy of the Dickies.

While their sound is eerily similar, the Isotopes don’t have the New Wave influences and they have that baseball punk rock thing going on for them which means that all of their songs are about America’s fourth favorite pastime. Songs like “Chicks Dig the Long Ball”, “Magic Loogie” and “Hiroshima Dreamin’” combine elements of horror punk, baseball punk and pop punk to provide a unique sonic experience that no one else has thought of before…that I know of.

“Nuclear Strikezone” was a fun listen and a solid pop punk album from start to finish. While I’m not much of a baseball fan, the theme of the album isn’t a turnoff and fans of 90s Fat Wreck Chords/Lookout Records/Kung Fu Records should find this album quite enjoyable.

Bottom Line: Pop punk about baseball that is fast, catchy and somewhat familiar.
Notable Tracks: Never Been Caught, Chicks Dig the Long Ball, Night Bus Home To You, Bleacher Creature Girl
Overall Rating:


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