Jesse Malin and The St. Marks Social – “Love It to Life”

Album Reviews | Mar 22nd, 2010

Record Label: Side One Dummy
Genre: Rock
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I’ve seen Jesse Malin’s name thrown around a lot but I haven’t really heard his music until seeing him open up for Gogol Bordello a few weeks ago. I liked his sound and was curious to see how he sounded on his albums. His latest album “Love It To Life” comes out in April and I think he will get a lot more fans with this release. This album also is his Side One Dummy debut!

Jesse Malin has been playing music since he was a teenager, with the hardcore punk band The Heart Attacks, and then later on with D Generation. When I hear his music, he reminds me of musicians like Johnny Thunders, Joe Strummer, Bob Dylan, Willie Nile, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle and all those rocker troubadour types. Of course there’s a hint of punk rock in his music but I wouldn’t go right out to classify him as that. What I like about Side One Dummy lately is there knack for signing artists that are different and aren’t necessarily popular among the kiddies (*cough* Epitaph *cough*).

“Burning The Bowery” starts off the album and it’s probably my favorite song on the album. It could also be the heaviest song on there as well. The intro to the song is catchy and stays in my head. That’s one song I vividly remember when he played it live. Besides the rock tunes, I also don’t mind the slower rock songs like “The Archer” and “Lowlife in a High Rise.” When Jesse breaks out the slower stuff, he sounds a bit country western to me which is why I think he has a bit of Steve Earle in him. No, not literally you pervs! But anyway, now that I finally had a chance to listen to some Jesse Malin music, I have a feeling I’m going to be listening to this album a ton. You can see Jesse Malin and The St. Marks Social open for Gogol Bordello this Spring on select dates.

Bottom Line: For fans of Johnny Thunders, Steve Earle, Joe Strummer and Ryan Adams
Notable Tracks: Burning the Bowery, St Mark’s Sunset, Burn The Bridge
Overall Rating:


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