Landfill Crew – “S/T”

Album Reviews | Feb 5th, 2019

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Pirate Press Records/Hellcat Records
Genre: Punk/Reggae
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Fictional animated punk rockers producing punk and reggae music in vein of Buju Banton and Rancid? That’s exactly what you get with the Landfill Crew.

The similarities are there considering that the Landfill Crew is made up of Tim Armstrong, reggae legend Tippa Lee and J. Bonner formerly of the Aggrolites. The Landfill Crew’s self-titled EP has plenty of similarities to stuff from the Tim Timebomb and Friends recordings. There’s some folky punk rock on the title track, some Big Audio Dynamite sounds on “Youth Revolt”, some Aggrolites style reggae on “Poets in the Night” and some guitar-driven punk pop punk with some dancehall vocals with “Worldwide Welfare”.

The Landfill Crew and their EP came out of nowhere and is a nice little sampler of hopefully more music to come. Being that the presser description is that of an animated TV show with punk and reggae music, who knows what will come next from this band of characters.

Bottom Line: A strange project of animated characters and punk and reggae music from out of left field.
Notable Tracks: All of them
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