LumberJerks – “First 3 EP”

Album Reviews | Mar 31st, 2014

Record Label: Treehouse Records
Genre: Hardcore/Punk

The LumberJerks have a sound that reminds me of what would happen if Screeching Weasel, the Angry Samoans and the Dead Kennedys had a bastard love child out of wedlock.

It’s somewhat rare to receive an EP for review that is not only review worthy, but that gets me anxious to hear more from a band. This is definitely one of those exceptions. Obviously, the EP is only three songs long, and being of typical punk fashion, they never reach the two minute mark. What is contained within those 4+ minutes of music is what really matters. The songs are loud, fast and furious and the musical craftsmanship is tight. These guys know how to play. There is a great mix of punk, 80s hardcore and some rock and roll sprinkled in there with plenty of energy to spare.

I’m looking forward to hearing what the LumberJerks full length efforts will sound like. If the remaining number of songs can carry with them what was on this EP, then I’ll be in for one hell of a listen.

Bottom Line: Loud, fast and furious and just a taste of things to come. Classic punk and hardcore fans take notice.
Notable Tracks: All three are great with “Break Down” being my standout track.
Overall Rating:


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