Virgins – “Miscarriage”

Album Reviews | Apr 8th, 2009

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Kiss of Death Records
Genre: Punk
Band Link: link

No, this isn’t the dance rock band The Virgins who are signed to Atlantic Records. Virgins are an 80’s sounding punk/hardcore band that hail from Orlando, Florida. I’m certain if Walt Disney were alive today, he wouldn’t like these guys.

“Miscarriage” is a 10 track album that sounds like something you’d hear from the Circle Jerks, The Adolescents, and None More Black. I say None More Black because the singer sounds like Jason Shevchuk a little bit. Sam from New Mexican Disaster Squad is featured in the band, but I never listened to those guys. I have no idea if Virgins sound like them. This Cd is pretty good, but nothing really stands out. If you like raw, snotty punk rock with a Southern spin, you’ll dig the Virgins. Being a New Mexican Disaster Squad fan won’t hurt either.

Bottom Line: Raw, fast-paced punk rock.
Notable Tracks: Perfect world, Atheist in America
Overall Rating:


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