Reach the Sky @ Planetarium Newburgh NY

Live Reviews | Jan 1st, 1998

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Opening Bands: Lounge, Slugworth, Stretch Armstrong
Venue: Planetarium, Newburgh NY

Reach the sky and lounge where good enough to get me to a show. The complete line up consisted of eight bands, only 6 played for whatever reasons. When I arrived Sheldon was on, from the two songs I heard I was likeing them, melodic punk rock. So next was Slugworth, who I had seen before and had liked. At this show they sounded even better, they were some good ole hardcorish punk. Check them out.

After them was ex number 5, they put on a good show kinda Emo, and did it well. Lounge, this was the first show I had seen them at, and they were really good, they are right back into what I have heard they had been. With a few line up changes and some new songs the crowd was liking them. Following Lounge came Stretch Armstrong, the had me from the word go. Their style was like Reach the Sky’s hardcore style. Which is what I was there for. They did one of the best covers I have ever heard in concert or on a cd tape whatever, and it was of “I melt with you.” So Reach the Sky was last, I had not seen them since the last summer.

I had an interview the last time I was at their show with Indecision and Kill Your Idols. So I was excited to see them, and they lived up to my hopes. Although they played a lot from the new record which I didn’t have they did dip back to “Open roads and broken dreams.” This was a really good show that wasn’t to well attended but it was everyone else lose. Check out all these bands if they come around.


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