Monument – “Goes Canoeing”

Album Reviews | Sep 4th, 2011

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Emo/Indie
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Light, loose math rock with vocals that do the strained emo-singing and occasional guttural shouting thing. The music is breezily pleasant if inconsequential – the drums are jazzy and the guitarwork is noodling and melodic, often single-note-picking for that gently cascading effect.

A couple of tunes, like “The Diamond Age” and “I’ve Got Some Plans” are upbeat and catchy. But the strained (and frankly, off-key) vocals can become grating. The light and jazzy instrumentation can also be meandering, like on “Breakfast.” While I liked their sound at first, I began losing interest midway.

While the band suffers from low energy and weak vocals, they have redeemable qualities. Less strained/nerdy vocals and some Red Bull might help.

Bottom Line: Sometimes catchy, often boring emo-tinged post-hardcore/math rock.
Notable Tracks: No Sleep, All Play; The Diamond Age; I’ve Got Some Plans
Overall Rating:


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