Mustard Plug – “Can’t Contain It”

Album Reviews | Jan 27th, 2014

Record Label: No Idea Records
Genre: Ska Punk
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“Can’t Contain It” is the Grand Rapids, MI bands’ first studio album in 7 years and their first album since 1993s “Big Daddy Multitude” that hasn’t been released on Hopeless Records. Where has the band been for the past 7 years? Are the rumors true that they were changing styles to that of a new wave revival band?

To answer your questions, I don’t know what Mustard Plug has been doing for the past 7 years. I’m just a lowely internet reviewer and no, they still play the ska. In fact, “Can’t Contain It” is mostly made up of ska…mixed in with some punk. It’s a great combination.

With Mustard Plug’s last release “In Black And White”, there was some disappointment for me. There were a few standout tracks on that album, but something was just off with it. It was still a MP album and was enjoyable, but just didn’t seem to fit what I liked about the band. “Can’t Contain It” has a totally different feel too it. The band isn’t re-hashing old songs or playing the same sound from twenty years ago…the band just sounds like they had a lot of fun recording this album. There are some really damn catchy songs throughout the album. Songs like “The All-Nighter”, “Bang!” and “What Does She Know” will have you skankin’ in no time. There is also a good mix of punk-influenced ska songs on the album as well. “Gone And Faded” and “Shakin’ It Up” are reminiscent of songs from “Pray For Mojo”.

If I tried to put my finger on it, I would have to say that with “Can’t Contain It” is an album that Mustard Plug made for themselves. They weren’t trying to impress anyone. They weren’t trying to fit into any niche sound that people expected of them. They just did what they wanted to do and it worked out. I personally feel that “Can’t Contain It” is the strongest album from the band in a very long time. It’s an invigorating album for the band and the fans in general. If you haven’t checked out the Plug in some time, do it with this album. Mojo will be pleased.

Bottom Line: With a great mix of punk, two-tone and third-wave, “Can’t Contain It” is the best Mustard Plug album in years. The songs are a ton of fun and the songwriting truly has heart.
Notable Tracks: Perfect Plan, What Does She Know, The All-Nighter, Gone And Faded, Shakin’ It Up
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