Paper The Operator – “Goodbye God”

Album Reviews | Mar 21st, 2010

Record Label: Viper Bite Records
Genre: Synth Rock
Band Link:

If I had to judge Paper the Operator just based on the first track, the result wouldn’t be that good. Thankfully I decided to continue on after the first track “Please Proceed.” That track is just slow, boring and glad the band’s songs are more upbeat after that track.

The second track “I Get Around” is more up my alley and something I like to hear. Nerdy synth guitar rock is how I would describe Paper the Operator. They come from Raleigh, North Carolina after relocating from Upstate New York. Couldn’t take the snow anymore guys?

If Paper The Operator played consistently fast, I think I would like this album more. I’m just not digging the slow songs. I don’t think the singer’s vocals fit the slower stuff, and I get bored with those tracks. I like slow songs, but just not with this band. There are a few decent tracks on here but for the most part, this could have been a lot better.

Bottom Line: These tracks are hit or miss
Notable Tracks: I Get Around, Days of Thunder, Laundrolux
Overall Rating:


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