Popes Of Chillitown – “To The Moon”

Album Reviews | Apr 30th, 2015

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Ska/Punk/Dub
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The Popes Of Chillitown are new to me with “To The Moon” being the first music that I’ve heard from these London based rudies. This is a pretty good introductory album if I may say so myself.

Upon my initial listen, I immediately made comparisons to early Howard’s Alias with a touch of Sonic Boom Six mixed in. Popes Of Chillitown play ska that is heavily influenced by 90s third wave ska. Songs hectically jump back and forth from fast ska Choking Victim style to a slower reggae-infused sound. I enjoy not knowing what to expect from song to song and you’re always in for a surprise with “To The Moon”.

I’ve been enjoying the recent resurgence of ska punk bands from around the world and you can add “To The Moon” to the list of top notch ska punk albums. With energy from start to finish, catchy, danceable songs and socially aware lyrics, “To The Moon” keeps you wanting more. It is a marvelous achievement from the other side of the pond.

Bottom Line: A high energy ska punk album that keeps the mind sharp and the body moving.
Notable Tracks: Mummy’s Busy, Hey You, 14 Time, Too Much, Wisdom Teeth
Overall Rating:


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