Sleeping In The Aviary – “You and Me, Ghost”

Album Reviews | Nov 5th, 2011

Record Label: Science of Sound
Genre: Pop Rock
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Sleeping in the Aviary are not typically the type of band that I find myself listening to let alone pleasantly enjoying. Their songs are simple, catchy and even though most of them are rock songs, come off as very mellow…something that you would listen to with your headphones on while laying in the grass staring up at the sky.

“You and Me, Ghost” kicks off with “Talking Out of Turn”, a fuzz guitar song that is reminiscent of an early Weezer song and continues to impress with a variety of songs that remind me of everything from Tom Petty to 1950’s rock and roll and doo woop. And, as I mentioned before, the songs of catchy and chock full of harmonies and choruses that you find yourself singing back to yourself in your head. The simplicity of the songs is not to be mistaken for a criticism towards the band but as a compliment to their straightforward and honest songwriting as well as the fact that they didn’t try to overproduce the album. To name drop once again, I am reminded a lot of Vampire Weekend’s sound. Simple, yet effective.

If you’re in the mood for a change of pace from noise guitar indie rock bands, “You and Me, Ghost” is that lighthearted romp that you’re looking for.

Bottom Line: An album that sounds out of place with what is currently considered the indie pop rock scene. Sounds like Buddy Holly meets Vampire Weekend.
Notable Tracks: Karen, You’re An Angel, Talking Out of Turn, Infatuation
Overall Rating:


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