Stationary Odyssey – “Sons Of Boy”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2009

Record Label: Joyful Noise
Genre: Math Rock
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Excellent instrumental indie rock that is able to flow between different styles without being jarring or floundering. Witness “Torticline,” which is jazzy and atmospheric, yet has these moments of precision metal. Or “Johnfriend,” which is indie rock yet seems right out of the Polysics’ playbook. Or “Brand of Shame,” which takes a space-age loungey, surfy guitar sound and envelopes it with hip, shuffling rhythms.

Regardless of genre, I like when a progressive or avant-garde take on it is executed thoughtfully and with precision. Stationary Odyssey has that technical craftsmanship and, even better, the tunes are enjoyable and differentiating from each other.

Of the eight lengthy tunes, only “Cherry Teeth (Baby Got)” misses with a lazily creepy sound that typifies lesser math rock bands that try to be weird. Stationary Odyssey, thankfully, doesn’t seem to have anything to prove and largely offers up effortlessly interesting indie rock.

Bottom Line: Reminds me of the better bands on the Polyvinyl and 54 40 or Fight! rosters circa late 90s.
Notable Tracks: Torticline, Chunk Feeder Blues, Brand of Shame
Overall Rating:


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