The Casting Out – “Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks”

Album Reviews | Mar 4th, 2009

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Fail Safe Records
Genre: Rock
Band Link: link
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The Casting Out mix rock, pop and punk, and have quite the polished sound! I never heard of these guys but as soon as I put on the album, I found myself bopping my head to their music.

When looking deeper into The Casting Out, the band features the old vocalist from Boy Sets Fire, Nathan Gray. I never listened to Boy Sets Fire but Gray has a great voice. I have no idea if the band sounds like Gray’s former band but I’m quite impress with The Casting Out. They actually remind me of The Stereo, because Gray’s vocals sound so much like Jamie Woolford’s vocals.

There’s not much else to really to talk about with this album. I know I like it, it’s a rock album with catchy lyrics and the band sounds really sharp! The vocals are excellent as well. If you want to hear a few songs off the album, click here.

Bottom Line: I managed to listen to this whole album without turning it off. That’s rare!
Notable Tracks: Quixote’s Last Ride, These Altercations, Just Pretending
Overall Rating:


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