How Dare You – “Comfort Road”

Album Reviews | Mar 6th, 2009

Record Label: Fail Safe Records
Genre: Punk
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How Dare You is a melodic punk rock band from Florida that got their start in 2007. Without reading much about the band, I had an idea they were from Florida because of their sound. The band sounds a little bit like Hot Water Music and Against Me! If you like those bands, you’ll like How Dare You!

How Dare You’s songs are loud and fast, and the band likes to shout a lot. Even when the band slows it down a tad, they seem to be shouting. I notice Against Me does that a lot as well. There’s no toning down the voice at all, just scream. I understand it’s punk rock, but it’s good to have a little variety in the singing I think. Their music isn’t bad or anything, I just think it’s forgettable. A lot of the songs sound the same to me. “Comfort Road” has 10 tracks in total and it’s worth buying if you like melodic punk bands.

Bottom Line: Decent sounding band but songs sound the same to me
Notable Tracks: Beacon St, My Last Stop on the T
Overall Rating:


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