The Real McKenzies – “Shine Not Burn”

Album Reviews | Jul 3rd, 2010

Real McKenzies Shine Not Burn Cd Review

Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Celtic
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The Real McKenzies are due for a new album by now but in the meantime, they have just released a new live acoustic album called “Shine Not Burn.” I guess fans can enjoy that while the band hopefully writes some new material for a studio album. This live album was recorded in August 2009 at Wild at Heart in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany. This recording certainly captures their fun and raucous live shows, that’s for sure!

“Shine Not Burn” showcases the Real McKenzies’ talents besides blasting their way through their albums with Celtic punk rock music. You hear them play mandolins, the pipes, and other minstrel type of instruments. Paul McKenzie has a certain charisma about himself, plus he’s got some fun banter in-between songs. It makes me jealous of people that have seen the band live, yet New Yorkers are left out in the dust like always. No offense to Germany & Europe, but New York is closer damnit! It’s no fair! But anyway, it’s interesting to hear the band strip down their sound and just play acoustic & go the bare bones route. Some songs work better than others but that happens when most bands do these type of things. Kind of disappointed that they didn’t play “Mainland” or “To The Battle” but maybe those songs don’t work as well in acoustic form.

While this isn’t brand new music from the Real McKenzies, I’ll still take this. The Real McKenzies aren’t for everyone, especially people that can’t stand bagpipes. Well if that’s the case, bugger off then! The fans of Real McKenzies will dig this album, I know I did.

Bottom Line: Decent recording that makes me want to attend a Real McKenzies show
Notable Tracks: Drink The Way I Do, Chip, Droppin Like Flies, Best Day Until Tomorrow
Overall Rating:


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