The Sunset Shipwrecks – “Community”

Album Reviews | May 9th, 2016

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Record Label: Lugosi Records
Genre: Rock
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The Sunset Shipwrecks are a spin-off band from members of seminal Bay Area punk band American Steel. “Community” is a completely different sound from American Steel’s prototypical punk sound.

Those who are familiar with American Steel’s sound will most likely find the departure from their furious punk sound to be quite a system shock, but if you slow things down and take a good listen you’ll realize that, while the beat is different the sound is the same. The Sunset Shipwrecks sound is more along the lines of something like a slowed down, guitar-driven version of Against Me but with more blues rock. Make sense? Good.

American Steel are applauded for their great songwriting and down to earth lyrics focusing on social and personal issues and that carries over with the Sunset Shipwrecks. Most of their songs focus on the lives of those living in the Bay Area whether it’s themselves, their friends or through the eyes of total strangers. There is a personal introspective to each song that makes them sound genuine even when backed by jangly guitars and slow pounding drums.

Fans of American Steel will most likely check this album out anyway, but for those that are looking for something different and possibly along the lines of guitar-driven hard rock and blues, “Community” is definitely worth your time.

Bottom Line: While not what you would assume to expect from an American Steel side-project it’s kind of exactly what you would expect from an American Steel side-project.
Notable Tracks: Community, Get Busy, The Tide Will Rise, Light The Match
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