Thieves – “Achiever”

Album Reviews | By on Aug 13th, 2012

Record Label: Self Released
Genre: Pop Punk
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Thieves are a throwback to where pop punk was at about the turn of the century. I’m immediately reminded of New Found Glory or Something Corporate. The vocals were very sugary, but the punk was actually quite furious. “Achiever” takes that formula and runs with it all the while adding new things to the mix.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t the biggest flag waver of early 2000’s pop punk, but there were some good bands that were able to keep things fresh and different enough to influence an entire new generation of pop punkers. As I mentioned before, “Achiever” takes many notes from bands like Yellowcard and New Found Glory, but they do have their own sound. The bass is crunchier and the drums are quite furious if I may say so myself and one cannot forget to mention the crazy guitar solos that are somewhat reminiscent of earlier pop punk band/s the Descendents/ALL. If there were one thing that was somewhat of a turnoff it would be the higher pitch of the vocals. The vocals jump around and I’m not sure if there are shared duties, but I prefer the throatier sound that is found on “Broken Down, Breaking Ground” and “Biolumeniscence”.

“Achiever” was honestly a surprise listen for me. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to stomach another present day “pop punk” band, but Thieves had a much heavier sound than expected and the songs were smarter than most radio-friendly pop punk garbage nowadays. I would like to see the band take a turn more towards the dark side of their punk and metal influences than towards the pop sound that shows up most of the time on “Achiever”.

Bottom Line: Pop punk from Texas that is reminiscent of the early 2000’s, but with a slightly darker edge.
Notable Tracks: Compassion vs. Contempt, Broken Down, Breaking Ground, Entitled To Nothing
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