Total Chaos – “Battered and Smashed”

Album Reviews | By on May 20th, 2012

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Punk
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With so many years under my belt with listening to punk rock, I actually never really listened to Total Chaos. I probably came across their songs here and there on some compilations but I have no idea why I never listened to them. Clearly I’ve been missing out! Their newest album was released last August on Stomp Records and it’s filled with speedy political street punk, just what I like in my punk music! The band’s songs are about anarchy (duh), rebelling, activism, oppression, and other social injustices. You’d think a band named Total Chaos would sing about girls and emo crap?

I can’t really compare between what Total Chaos sounded like earlier in their career and what they do now. I can say that this album is pretty damn good though! The first few songs like “Hooligans Holiday,” and “Total Massacre” are tracks I could listen to over and over. “That’s The Story of My Life” is a decent song but starts to get too repetitive with me. Rob Chaos’s vocals are growly and the rest of the band offers up some nice choruses in the background. Learn ‘em and sing along with the band next time you see Total Chaos. The one thing I noticed on a lot of the tracks is how great the guitars sound! “Going Down” is a different type of song that Total Chaos is used to playing. It’s a reggae-influenced song that has some keys in it; plus it even has a guitar solo! Whoa. You don’t normally hear those on punk albums! The end of the album is just as strong as the beginning. “Delirium” and “Waste Away My Life” might be the best tracks on the album.

I think fans will appreciate this album and newbies should check them out as well!

Bottom Line: Total Chaos are still around punkin’ out and everyone should be grateful for that!
Notable Tracks: Total Massacre, That’s The Story of My Life, Delirium, Waste Away My Life
Overall Rating:


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