Various Artists – Rare Breed Summer Sampler 2015

Album Reviews | May 21st, 2015

Record Label: Rare Breed Recording Company/Paper + Plastick Records
Genre: Ska/Reggae

Teaming up together for the possibly the first time (?), Vinnie from Less Than Jake and Obi Fernandez of Westbound Train fame have pooled their ska superpowers together to provide the universe with a free sampler of modern reggae and ska music. Did I mention the best part…that it’s FREE?!

Personally, I absolutely love samplers. Compilations like the Hey Brother…Can You Spare Some Ska?, the Give Em the Boot and Hopelessly Devoted series introduced me to many of the bands that I know and love this day. For me compilations have always been the easiest way to discover new bands and sounds and they are almost always dirt cheap. So when I heard about a new ska/reggae compilation set for release I was excited to discover some new bands and hear some rare tracks from already familiar bands.

The lineup for the “Rare Breed Summer Sampler” is pretty solid with a good mix of old and new. There are a few bands that are obviously familiar to fans of modern ska/reggae with the Slackers, the Toasters, Passafire, the Skints, King Django, and Western Standard Time all providing tracks to the comp. There were also a few bands that were new to me and which I thoroughly enjoyed such as the Pomps, Jukebox 101, the Movement, Penny Reel and one of the best choices of a ska cover song with the Rare Breed Allstars adding some Jamaican flavor to the seminal Ramones song “The KKK Took My Baby Away”. That song unto itself should be reason enough for you to download this sampler!

Whether you’re in the early stages of ska discovery or a seasoned ska veteran, this is a good sampler to help you discover some new bands and to add some rare tracks to your Vic Ruggiero collection. And like I mentioned before…it’s free dammit! FREEEEEEE!

You can download the sampler for free from the Paper + Plastick webstore HERE .

Bottom Line: You can’t beat a sampler of ska and reggae for free, now can you?
Notable Tracks: They’re all pretty damn good but I love the cover of “The KKK Took My Baby Away”
Overall Rating:


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