Winfred E. Eye – “Til I Prune”

Album Reviews | By on Apr 28th, 2009

Record Label:
Antenna Farm
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Lo-Fi Indie
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Minimalist, bleak, and horribly boring singer/songwriter stuff with one decent attempt at twangy heartland rock (“Lil Peck”). What kills the album are the many slow-as-death tracks that wallow in sadsackery but offer absolutely no incentive for you to stick with it.

Tortoise-like pacing, dull, lackadaisical music, and mumbled vocals offer as much stimulus as staring at a blank wall. Songs like “Sleeping,” “Packed Up,” “His Den,” and “Movin On” aren’t just boring – they’re pointless. “Molten Core” and “Mighty Dirty River” do almost tap into a hypnotic Galaxie 500 drone; they could almost be called pretty if this lo-fi stuff hadn’t been done leagues better by others.

Bottom Line: Worth checking out if Camera Obscura and Galaxie 500 are too noisy and interesting for you.
Notable Tracks: Molten Core, Mighty Dirty River
Overall Rating:


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