Sunken Monkey – “Party Scars”

Album Reviews | Sep 15th, 2014

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Record Label: Bumface Records
Genre: Punk
Band Link:

UK based Pop-Punk band Sunken monkey, will be releasing their 13 track album “Party Scars” on October 6th.

I wasn’t too sure about the first song “This Town’s Too Big” But the rest of the album was pretty solid, a little bit harder than most pop-punk but it fit’s the bands style well. The members are pretty tight and the music all just works.

It has the fuck you punk feel in the lyrics but the music supporting these vocals are much more upbeat and fun while still containing the hardness of punk is a nice mix. Notable tracks for me where That’s What She Said, the backing vocals during the chorus make this song great and the main guitar riff is great.

Make sure you check out Sunken Monkey with Party Scars on October 6th

Check out their links here:

Bottom Line:
Notable Tracks: Red Raw Stump, That’s What She Said and Pissing in the Wind
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