Wolves Like Us – “Late Love”

Album Reviews | Aug 9th, 2011

Record Label: Prosthetic Records
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
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“Late Love” is the debut album from Oslo, Norway rockers Wolves Like Us. The album is full of energy, melodies and genre-bending.

Wolves Like Us have a late 90’s hard rock sound that is reminiscent of sludge rock bands like Helmet and Prong but still has the melodies of bands such as Hot Water Music and Earth Crisis. Most of the songs have a very hard down-tuned sound with driving bass and solid drumming as well as the occasional rock guitar solo but the songs that stand out for me are the faster, more energetic tracks such as “Deathless”, “Shiver In The Heat” and “My Enemy”.

I would have to say that “Late Love” pleasantly surprised me. There was a lot of variety in the songs and the melodic hard rock/metal sound was a welcoming sound when compared to most other rock/hardcore bands out there. I prefer to hear and understand the vocals and they were a great compliment to the relentless rocking that was contained throughout “Late Love”. Fans of the aforementioned bands should be pleased.

Bottom Line: A good melodic hard rock/metal album that takes many things from a variety of influences.
Notable Tracks: Deathless, Shiver In The Heat, My Enemy, We Speak In Tongues
Overall Rating:


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