Ceili Rain- Anthology 1995-2005

DVD Reviews | Mar 24th, 2005

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For those who don’t know who Ceili Rain are, they are a Christian Celtic band from upstate NY and other places. Their music is family friendly, but really fun and uplifting! The band might not be for everybody but I recommend at least giving the band a listen. You

I’m not a religious person but the band plays some great Celtic ceili music, with some spiritual and faith oriented songs. But come to think of it, I’ve been listening to other religious music for years as well. What do you think reggae is? Not just about smoking joints that’s for sure haha! Though back to Ceili Rain (pronounced kay-lee..means party in Gaelic)…The band members seem to play really well together on CD & live performances because the music is sharp! Bob Halligan Jr. is a great songwriter, in fact has been a songwriter for many years for hard rock and heavy metal bands like Judas Priest, Kiss; plus some more contemporary singers like Michael Bolton. But we won’t hold it Now Bob is doing his own thing with a bunch of people (seems like they go through a lot of band members) and he’s creating some enjoyable music. Ceili Rain has 4 or 5 CDs, and I have them all. I think I like “Erasers on Pencils” the best but each album has its fair share of catchy Irish-tinged music.

This DVD contains music videos, lots of concert footage, and interviews spanning over the band’s 10 year career. The first thing I checked out was the music videos. The videos on here are “Barely Stay Inside Of My Own Skin” and Ceili Rain’s new single “Like A Train.” For “Barely Stay Inside Of My Own Skin” video, they are dancing around a stage and seem to be having a blast filming and singing their song. “Like a Train” (which I heard at TGI Fridays recently by the way!) is a really catchy tune and glad they included the video on this DVD. That video has the band partying and playing music around a big train.

The Second part that I watched was all the concert footage from various venues and different points in the band’s career. Some of the songs featured on the DVD are “Jigorous,” “That’s all the Lumber You Sent,” “Fighting Chair” and “666 degrees.” Some of the footage looks great because it was filmed with professional video equipment and than some of the footage looks old. But that’s when the video was taken so you really can’t complain about that. I would have liked to have seen a full concert but I’m sure Bob Halligan Jr. & Ceili Rain will do that in the future. Other features on the Ceili Rain DVD contain interviews with Bob and footage from some unreleased music that never made it onto CD. The interviews were short but you got a good sense what the band is about. Got a quick history about the band and Bob. The unreleased songs were okay but I liked the ones that were on the CDs more.

Overall, I think Ceili Rain is a fun band with some awesome songs. I prefer the faster, more ceili type songs than the slower ones but that’s my personal preference. The DVD has enough on here to keep fans satisfied but I would have liked to see a full concert, or some more extras. But you can’t get everything in life and I’m sure the band will have more DVDs out. If you like rock and Celtic music combined into one style, check out Ceili Rain!

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Favorite Scenes: Like a Train, Fighting Chair, Barely Stay Inside Of My Own Skin, Jigorous
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