Chappelle’s Show: Season 2

DVD Reviews | May 22nd, 2005

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Starring Dave Chappelle, Charlie Murphy, Donnell Rawlings, Billy Burr, Paul Mooney, Mos Def, Wayne Brady
Written By: Neal Brennan, Dave Chappelle
Directed By:
Studio: Paramount
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Dave Chappelle has been in the news a lot these days, but thankfully Paramount went ahead and still released the second season of Chappelle show on DVD. I think Chappelle’s Show is a brilliant comedy show, and the 2nd season is the best season so far. Now if Chappelle would stop relaxing/stressing out/ whatever down in South Africa and continue production on Season 3, I’ll be a happy guy!

If you don’t have the faintest idea what the show is about, here’s a bit of a rundown. Each week, Dave Chappelle and various comedians deliver some of the funniest, over the top comedy sketches ever put on TV. They really push the boundaries on what to show, say and do on television and I think it’s great! All these shows these days have no balls and wimp out, well not Chappelle. Dave tackles racism head on and makes fun of all races. Some of the skits from season 2 include a white family named the N–, Charlie Murphy talks about his personal stories with the late Rick James, a day in the life of rapper Lil’ Jon, Dave visits the real life Internet filled with porn, spam and free downloads. Besides the regular featured actors on the show, the comedy show has its fair share of guest spots and bands that perform. Mos Def is the one that performs on the show all the time, he does his singing thing but he also acts a lot too. He seems like the unofficial cast member because he’s in a lot of the sketches. Other guests on the show are Wayne Brady, Lil Jon, Jamie Foxx, Jim Breuer, and members of Wu Tang.

At the end of selective episodes, instead of doing another skit; Chappelle would have rappers & musicians on. That’s the part I usually hate because I’d rather see another 5 minutes of skits. Maybe Dave is doing that to past up the time. But occasionally, he’ll join in with the rappers and goof off like sing Different Strokes theme song with Jon Mayer. THEN I think it’s okay but when the music is just there to showcase off the latest rappers, I think it’s stupid because it’s supposed to be a comedy show. Not MTV or BET. Having the rap part reminds me of having the fly girls on In Living Color. Yeah they may look hot, but I think it’s pretty much pointless.

Comparing Season 1 and 2, Season 1 was funny but season 2 is just hilarious. Season 1 started it all but it wasn’t til season 2 that made Chappelle into superstar. Most of the skits were just so fucking funny and I knew people where watching the show because you’d heard quotes anywhere you went! Every where I go, you’d hear “I’m Rick James Bitch” or “Yeah! WHAT! OKAYYY!,” “I’m Rich Beatch!” or “Does Wayne Brady Have to Choke a Bitch?” Yeah I was one of those guys quoting the show early on, but it caught on half way thru the season with everyone else. There were some skits I was even awkward to watch like the N family one. Yes it’s funny but when I heard the word it makes me cringe. There were some skits that weren’t necessarily funny, but served as great social commentary on today’s events and racism. The “I Know Black People” and the Internet skits weren’t really funny but Dave made his point with them. Though, seeing tons of people running out of music stores with free CDs was some funny shit. Get it while you can is what I always say haha. The two funniest skits of the season or the series so far for me were the Rick James skits and the Prince skit, both told by Eddie Murphy’s older brother Charlie. Rick James was there to tell his side of the story but I’m not even sure if the man barely remembered haha. This was all before the man passed away last year. Just seeing Dave Chappelle dressed up like Rick James was really funny. Seeing Dave dressed up like Prince was even funnier. I was cracking up when Prince and the Revolution schooled Charlie Murphy in basketball. I still can’t picture that haha. There’s a ton of skits that were just as good as those though.

What’s good about this DVD is it’s all uncensored with tons of cursing, and some nudity. Though there’s still some breasts blurred out ,but that’s because the girls were wearing pasties on their ta-ta’s. This show really should be uncensored on TV because it works the best when it’s not censored. But it’s on Comedy Central, and the show still works with the bleeping. There’s just a bunch of it. That’s probably one of the main reasons why these DVDs are so successful.

There’s so many deleted scenes and outtakes on this DVD I had to eventually fast forward some. That’s a good thing and a bad thing because there’s a lot of filler in between funny scenes. It’s definitely worth watching though. The extras seemed to be very Charlie Murphy oriented with more stories from the older brother of Eddie. They weren’t as funny as the Rick James & Prince stories but they still were interesting to hear. There’s a few other things on the last disc of extras but I didn’t manage to watch them yet.

If you liked Chappelle Show’s second season than you should most definitely buy this DVD bitches. It’s uncensored, loaded with extras and the show is just brilliant.

New Stand Up Material From Dave
The Rick James Extended Interview
Over 1 hour of Bloopers and Deleted Scenes
2 Unaired Charlie Murphy Stories
Audio Commentary by Dave Chappelle and Series Co-creator Neal Brennan

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Samuel Jackson, Things Look Better In Slow Motion, Niggar Family, White People Can’t Dance, Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Rick James, Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Prince , Making Da Band, Everyone is the world is Gay, Wayne Brady Episode.
Rating: –Select–
Running Time: 275 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: