Classic Cartoon Favorites: Volume 3 – Starring Goofy

DVD Reviews | Mar 24th, 2005

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Starring Goofy, that Narrator dude over the How To videos
Written By: Walt Disney
Directed By: Walt Disney
Studio: Buena Vista/Disney
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Goofy’s a dog right? Why can’t Pluto talk & walk then? That’s the question I’ve had my whole life concerning Pluto and Goofy. I’m sure it’s been answered at some point but I still don’t know. You’re all probably saying to yourselves, WHO CARES! I do, I do!

Continuing with the Classic Cartoon Favorites, this is Volume 3 of the series with some of Goofy’s best animated shorts. Most of these are the classic “How-To” videos and they are hilarious. They are just fun to watch and see how stupid Goofy is. The one I remember Disney playing a lot on TV, was the Art of Skiing. As I was watching these episodes though, I began to fall asleep because the narrator is so monotone. But then again, I was probably needed a nap. How To Swim and How To Fish were also entertaining on this DVD. There could have been some better non-How To shorts on this though. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

My favorite Goofy cartoon growing up was with the grasshopper Wilbur, and Goofy goes fishing with him. Eventually the grasshopper gets eaten and Goofy goes nuts to save him…But that animated short wasn’t on this DVD. The DVD back cover is deceiving because it has that short in one of the small images. Oh well, I guess if you want to watch a lot of the Goofy animated shorts, you can get the Limited Edition Walt Disney Treasures: The Complete Goofy. Not sure if that’s still available or not though.

Classic Cartoon Favorites: Starring Goofy could have had some better shorts on here (besides the How-To’s). I would have liked to see a short with Goofy’s son. I always liked those as well. For 9 funny shorts of Goofy, this DVD is worth getting if you don’t have the Complete Goofy DVD.

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ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: The Art of Skiing, How To Fish, Lion Down, Fathers Day Off
Rating: NR
Running Time: 64 minutes
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