Come Fly With Me: Season One

DVD Reviews | Mar 16th, 2012

Starring: Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Lindsay Duncan
Written By: Matt Lucas, David Walliams
Directed By: Paul King
Studio: BBC Home Video
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The guys from Little Britain are back with a new series, this time the TV series takes place in a British airport. It’s a funny series but I don’t think it’s as good as Little Britain, but it’s better than Little Britain USA.

Come Fly With Me is a mockumentary series that takes places in a fictional British airport. The show focuses on several re-occurring characters like: Omar Baba (owner of the FlyLo airline), Taaj Manzoor (ground crew who rambles about movies and other stuff), Mickey and Buster (the airport paparazzi), Moses Beacon (passenger liaison officer who usually offends everyone), Fearghal O’Farrell (homosexual steward for Our Lady Air), Simon and Jackie (pilots with marital problems), Ben and James (customs officers who get hands on with their searches) and many more. Each episode doesn’t really have a plot but goes back and forth to each character. There are some one-off characters in the series as well. Some episodes have guest stars like David Schwimmer, Rupert Grint, Anna Friel, and others.

I love Little Britain and Lucas/Walliams always make me laugh with whatever they do. Just like Little Britain, they played the major roles and do it hilariously. There are some duds in this series, but the same can be said for Little Britain as well. I really like David Walliams’ characters more than Matt Lucas’ characters. The racist immigration officer is one of my favorites, as well as the pilots with the marital problems. The racist immigration officer sort of reminds me of Linda, the racist secretary in Little Britain. The only difference the immigration officer doesn’t know he’s offending people. Another set of characters I enjoyed were the paparazzi and customs officer that were trying all the drugs. The cameos were really funny, with Schwimmer’s being the most outrageous and funny. Let’s just say he got caught with certain types of movies in his luggage.

The show is a bit of a hit or miss at times, but so are other comedy series. Some episodes are better than others. I like the mockumentary style as oppose to what they did with LB. I’m glad they created new characters and did something different in a way because it just would have felt like a cheap spin-off if they did the same characters in an airport.

The DVD extras include an hour long behind the scenes featurette that has Lucas and Walliams being interviewed. They discuss things like catch phrases and whether or not they thought of using some Little Britain characters. They did talk about Carol Beers (computer says nooo) character on the show but then voted against it. You get to see them putting on makeup and filming scenes at an airport. It’s a good extra on the DVD, covers a lot of ground and is worth checking out if you like the show. Other extras include photo gallery and trailers.

Come Fly With Me will please Little Britain fans craving something new from the comedic duo. It’s a funny series but something tells me it’s just getting started with the outrageous-ness. Here’s hoping Season 2 is even funnier!

Come Fly On The Wall (documentary with Mark Lawson)
Photo Gallery

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo


Bottom Line: A funny comedy series from the Little Britain guys, it’s just not as funny as Little Britain.
Running Time: 170 mins
Rating: NR
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