Dave Foley – “Relatively Well”

DVD Reviews | By on Dec 13th, 2013

Dave Foley - "Relatively Well" CD/DVD Review

Starring: Dave Foley
Studio: New Wave Dynamics
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Kids in the Hall & News Radio’s Dave Foley is back with a new stand-up special that aired on Showtime. It’s now available on DVD and CD via New Wave Dynamics.

Although I do like a lot of Foley’s stand-up, I wish he didn’t even mention the 2012 election. It’s practically an outdated discussion already and I just felt like fast forwarding that bit. The stuff he says is funny but it feels about 2 years too late.

One bit I really like was Dave talking about throwing away his chance to sleep with (or so he thinks) with Uma Thurman back in the 80s. Unfortunately for him, he was in a long term relationship with his then-girlfriend, now first ex-wife. He also goes into detail about not getting any sex in his first marriage for 11 years. Geez. Other things Dave Foley talks about include don’t being gay, going to court, pubic hair, atheists, and more things about God, religion, science and other things along those lines.

If you’re a fan of Dave’s, you’ll want to check out his latest stand-up act. If you happen to be a Republican, Tea-partier, or super religious; you’ll probably be offended by this.

Behind the scenes at album art photoshoot

Bottom Line: Funny bits here and there
Running Time: 71 mins
Rating: NR
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