The Saw Doctors: Clare Island To Cape Cod

DVD Reviews | Mar 7th, 2009

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Starring: The Saw Doctors
Directed By: Steven Lock
Record Label: Shamtown Records
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The Irish rockers, The Saw Doctors are currently touring the USA to support this DVD and its companion live album, “Live at the Melody Tent.” Clare Island to Cape Cod is a brand new documentary film by Steven Lock, which follows the band around as they play the Melody Tent in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Every August, the band plays this eclectic venue and plays their hearts out to their dedicated fan base.

The Melody Tent is like a circus tent that has a slow rotating stage. I’d probably be puking if I was the band. I wonder if the stage ever lost control and started going super fast. The crowd would be covered in puke then I’m sure. But enough of that silly nonsense, let’s talk about the Saw Doctors! The documentary mixes concert footage and band interviews & behind the scenes footage at their shows. You see the band back in Ireland as well, discussing things about the band. One notable part of the DVD was when Leo announced that the band topped the Irish charts with the cover of “About You Now.” The Saw Doctors celebrate where else, at a bar with friends. You’d think they celebrate something like that at home?!

The concert footage was professionally done, getting unique camera angles & shots. I particularly liked the time lapse video of the band rotating around the Melody Tent. Some of the songs the band plays live were an extended edition of “Hay Wrap,” “Will It Ever Stop Raining,” “Clare Island,” “To Win Just Once,” “Joyce Country Ceili Band,” and “Tommy K.” I liked how the concert footage was mixed with the documentary stuff and not just left to the side in the bonus features. People don’t tend to watch things like that, well I know I do, but I know some people ignore extras. This way the documentary can be seen by all and enjoyed by all. The documentary doesn’t go into a lot of personal stuff all that much but it’s kind of an update of what the band is doing now. You see Davey and Leo walking the beaches of Cape Cod, talking with fans outside of their shows, and other things like that. I liked when Leo was showing the camera around their tour bus. Looked nice from the footage I saw.

This documentary/concert DVD is a must have for fans of The Saw Doctors. For one, the concert footage is top notch but I loved the interviews and other footage. I actually wish there was more non-concert footage. Then again, there is another documentary included on the Live In Galway DVD. Be sure to pick this DVD or the live CD up at their current tour.

1. Same Oul’ Town (reprise)
2. Hay Wrap
3. Will It Ever Stop Raining?
4. Galway and Mayo including Maroon and White
5. About You Now
6. Out For A Smoke
7. Clare Island
8. The Winter is Long
9. To Win Just Once
10. Green and Red of Mayo
11. Joyce Country Céilí Band
12. Tommy K
13. N17

Bottom Line: Excellent Saw Doctors documentary/concert movie by Steven Lock
Rating: NR
Running Time: 120 mins
Overall Rating:


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