Toy Story (3 Disc Toy Box Set)

DVD Reviews | By on Mar 4th, 2005

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I should have reviewed this sooner because it’s one of the best DVDs to own if you like these movies. The third disc is nothing but extras and is very interesting to watch. I love to see Behind The Scenes to stuff. I’m an artist so it’s cool to se how things get done. Other cool things on this 3 Disc box set is the Monsters Inc. Teaser Trailer, some Deleted Animation, and how bunch of other cool things. If you are a fan of cartoons, then this DVD box set is a must.

Too Many to List…but here’s some:
Widescreen Presentation
Short Film: Tin Toy
On Set Interviews with Buzz and Woody
Making of Toy Story
Deleted Animation




Favorite Scenes: For Toy Story (the part when Buzz gets in the pizza car and puts on a seatbelt) For Toy Story 2 (The Toys in Al’s Toy Barn, or Crossing the Road to Al’s Toy Barn)
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