Fat Wreck Tour ’05 @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY

Live Reviews | Sep 25th, 2005

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Opening Bands: The Soviettes, The Epoxies, Smoke or Fire, Against Me
Date: September 24th, 2005
Venue: The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY

I usually don’t do a damn thing on Saturdays, well I guess napping is one thing that I do, but why not go see some live punk music in Poughkeepsie instead? I’m not really a big fan of any of the bands playing on the Fat Wreck tour, but I do enjoy their music so and it was something to do.

I arrived at the club before the doors opened but was stuck at the end of the line, until we knew someone from the very front of the line. So my friends and I cut, like anyone would do if they were us and we got a nice table spot in the center of the Chance. But the bad thing is the audio wasn’t the greatest in the middle for some reason. I think the audio was shitty throughout the club, not just the middle now that I think about it. Usually the sound at the Chance is pretty good but that night it was off balance. The Soviettes opened up the show and got the crowd moving a little. The sound was particularly bad for that band. I couldn’t even hear the singing or when the singers tried to talk. I’m not to familiar with their music so I honestly don’t know what songs they played. They played for about a half hour and cruised through a lot of songs. They sounded pretty good, but probably would have sounded better if the sound was more up to par.

Next up was Smoke or Fire, and I saw them open up for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes in NYC once before. Not really a fan of the music, it’s okay but nothing that’s really different from any other bands out there ya know? They played their music loud & fast, and got the the little kids moshing. I was pretty much right next to the pit, but sitting down so I was just sitting back and watching the kids beat the shit out of each other. Then there’s all the guys who think they are all hot and tough, with their shirts off. Gimme a break guys, show off your stupid lame tattoos somewhere else, like MySpace for instance. But anyway, Smoke or Fire played all right and next were the Epoxies, who I was anticipating because I never saw them play before.

While the band was setting up, The roadie or synth player was tuning up the big ass synthesizer, and I felt like singing some 80’s songs to my friends. “And IIIII rrraraaannnn, I ran so far away…” Yeah they wanted to hit me. The Epoxies hit the stage, their glowing banner dropped down and the highlight of the concert for me was about to begin. Smoke and bubble machines were turned on, and and the band began rocking out, 80’s style! The guitarists have FREAKIN’ LASERS on their guitarists which was just fucking awesome! Then the lead singer came out and she was dancing all over the place. She can get down and funky let me tell ya! Yeah she was quite the cutie too, and get this, she can sing! Yes, I have a new crush :) And yes, I’m a dork. They played plenty of tracks off their new album “Stop the Future” like “Radiation,” “This Day” and my favorite “Synthesized.” I believe they might have opened up the set with the title track “Stop the Future.” I wish I took pictures of the band because they had some kick ass light effects and just a wonderful live show. Of course the pictures won’t hold up to actual live show because you really need to see the show live to get the full effect. The band sounds good on CD but seeing them live is where it’s at. One of the most entertaining live sets I’ve seen and can’t wait to see them again. I wanted to go up to the singer afterwards as a goof (but not really) and start using cheesy 80’s pick up lines on her. “So you, um like, wanna come back to my house, and um like spin some records?” I’m sure she would have gotten a kick out of it but I didn’t want to find out if she didn’t. I did tell her later on “great set” and that I got a shirt and she shook my hand. And yes, I’m a chickenshit too.

Against Me
Next up, was the band everyone was there to see, Against Me. I’ll be honest, I’m 50/50 when it comes to the band. Some of their upbeat songs sound good but there are some songs that just make me..bored? I don’t know if that’s the right word or not. I know the lyrics are meaningful and have intelligent thought behind them, but it just doesn’t sound right to me, especially their slower songs. A lot of the words that they sing, don’t exactly rhyme, so it makes me scratch my head when I hear some of the songs, like the new one “Unprotected Sex with Multiple Partners.” It reads more like a poem or a story than a song, and the beat of the song sounds great, but the lyrics just don’t fit. But I’m in the minority here because the crowd fucking loved them! Every song, the crowd is singing along, even the slower ones which makes them more enjoyable live than on CD. I can see what the band is trying to do with the slow songs, or all the songs for that matter. They are going for a Johnny Cash/ Billy Bragg thing, and I’m not really sure it works as band, I think it would be more suited just for one person. I definitely like Against Me live more than I do on CD. Probably because the band & crowd are really into it at the live shows. I think their upbeat songs the most, well the ones that it’s upbeat throughout the whole song. Because they are some songs that are just talking/singing, then screaming, than back to talking/singing. Just kind of weird to me. I thought it was cool during the last song, that the drummer dove off the stage, right into the crowd and one of the guitarist took over for drums. They definitely have stage presence but I’m still getting used to the band. But people who like them now, better get used to the fact that more and more people are liking Against Me because they are BLOWING UP. I guarantee the next CD release or so, they will be on a major label. Even though they were fucking around with the labels in that documentary, I think it will become a reality but we’ll see… You guys never thought Anti-Flag would sign to a major either right??! Hmm Yeah ha.


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