Pilfers @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | Aug 4th, 2000

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Opening Bands: Lounge, Perfect Thyroid, What’s Your Problem Brian, Thank You Alfred
Date: August 4th 2000
Venue: The Chance

Another Pilfers show, this time I saw them with their new lineup. Dave who played the drums with Spring Heeled Jack is now in the band and I’m not sure the big bassist from Skinnerbox/ Mephiskapheles is permanent or not. Thanks to the Pilfers for getting us on the guest list. We arrived and waited outside for a little bit. Saw Brian Diaz working at the Pilfers merch table so we talked to him for a bit.

The first band was Thank You Alfred and it was a bunch of high school kids playing ska punk I guess. They were loud. Gotta start out somewhere. Next up was What’s your Problem Brian? They were good. I liked them. They kind of sounded like Save Ferris and Discount.

Lounge was after them. Out of all the bands in O.C, they are the guys I could tolerate. They played a good cover of “Video Killed The Radio Star.” A lot of people were there for them I think. Perfect Thyroid was up. I haven’t seen these guys in a long long time. They actual had more than 2 horn players this time. Last time I saw them they had like 5 people in the band. They played barely no ska, and tried to be like Fishbone too much. They didn’t even play “Right Ground,” or “The General” which were my favorites. Oh well, they’re definitely a college band.

Finally the Pilfers approached the stage. They opened with “Aqua,” and then played “Generation.” By this time I finished my roll of film and wanted to dance and sing. So when the heavy part of “Hypnotized” came on, I pushed my way to the front. I always manage to get in front. Two songs I haven’t heard them play yet, which are my favorites on the new album are “Choose Life” and “My Time Now.” It was good to hear those live. Coolie was growing out some dreads it looked like. Maybe getting ready to play on the overpriced Buju Banton tour. He doesn’t give up the mic that much anymore? I was losing my voice trying to sing loud enough so Coolie can give me the mic. Using when he gives me the mic is when I’m not looking or I screw up a song verse. I hate that. During “What’s New,” Coolie jumped down from the stage and hooked up pairs for dancing. Matt was dancing with some girl. I think she was complaining about his slimy hands..hahaha! During the encore they played a very slowed down version of “Jolly Jolly Jolly” and the diminishing crowd was chanting “Yukaza.” So that’s what they played. Overall, it was a decent show. It wasn’t too crowded, it wasn’t too small. Jolly good.


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